During my consultancy to perform a situation analysis of the early childhood care and education system in Swaziland i visited a school for deaf, located in Siteki. It is the only school for children with special rights in Swaziland, and it is located in the region called Lubombo, estern side of the Country. It is, actually, not only a school but a campus where children stay for years, living all together and growing as a groups, supported by passionate staff, in very good conditions.

Children, at 3, can start attending the school, and are offered education as well as vocational training. The children are taught the sign language and are supported in their education process until they are adults.

The most prominent feeling that you have visiting the Siteki School for Deaf is the perception of the respect for children spread all over the campus. The interest of each worker in the staff is the wellness of the children, and the effort to nurture the possibility for the children to have a better future, in the period in the campus but, first and foremost after the school experience.