Shaking the Habitual


The research project Shaking the Habitual has come to its end, with the last study visit in Iceland. It is a research and exchange project, supported by the EU funding Erasmus +, focused on the stereotypes in Early Education. The partners have been Hjalli preschools from Iceland, Gamla Stan preschools from Stockholm (Sweden), Harryda preschools from Sweden, and the municipal preschools in Bassa Reggiana.

It has been so important for me, and for us, as preschool system, to discuss with colleagues that have so deep awareness and so great experiences to share on stereotypes. The last study visit was mostly about the Body Image and the reflections we shared were so important, as for the previous study visits. My wish is that the wealth of Shaking the Habitual will last and continue to develop and at the same time that, by this project, more opportunities of research will come, with so great colleagues, around a critical topic like the one/s we shared. And in these years Italy has also changed a lot, and several processes are right now at their most prominent development. The book, scheduled off-print in december 2017, generated by this project, is a milestone for our further development. It contanins a lot of insights and ideas to work in preschools about stereotypes, gender equity, body images and more.