Nine challenges, six Actions: strengthening the Lao PDR Early Childhood care and Education System

*4, 5th of September 2019*

A second workshop, organized by IBE-UNESCO in collaboration with the Government of the Lao PDR, allowed the senior technical staff at the Ministries of Education, Health and Welfare to discuss in deep the ECCE system, and focus on five concrete, feasible actions that can be done in the next future. The workshop was supported and made possible by a previous inter ministerial meeting with the Director of IBE-UNESCO, Dr Mmantsetsa Marope. The discussion focused on the ECCE system in place and the short-term and long-term benefits of a reliable, robust, resilient ECCE system. The system was analyzed in a previous mission in June, and immediately validated. IBE worked to collate the system in place with the ECCE prototype under piloting. Nine challenges were focused, in strict collaboration to the Country: 1. Coordination entity 2. Nurseries curriculum 3. Protocols on child protection in preschool 4. Developmental assessment 5. Parenting programmes 6. Assessment of service/programmes 7. Improvement of infrastructure 8. Improvement of teachers and teaching practices 9. Improvement of (quality) service standards

The group work discussion in the last workshop let to 6 concrete actions to start with. they are: 1. Creation of a policy to set an Institutional Coordination Entity 2. Creation of a Handbook for Teachers, covering assessment, parental support and participation, child protection, didactics 3. Creation of a “first 1000-days handbook” for parents. 4. Curriculum development (including training and equipment) 5. Update of standards and regulation for infrastructure 6.Quality definition document and indicators